About the Lab


Here at the Lab we dive deep into data, finding the stories it reveals that are the most important to the residents of the beautiful Southern Vancouver Island region and evaluating this regions’ particular challenges.

Focusing on Southern Vancouver Island, the Happiness and Wellbeing Community Lab began as a collaboration between the Community Social Planning Council and the United Way of Southern Vancouver Island. Since that time, SPARC BC, a data collaborative in British Columbia, has joined the lab as well.


The data used to inform our data stories, dialogues, and suggestions for action comes from several sources. Data types iclude random sample surveys with large sample size, and quality secondary sources that draw from large, random sample surveys  to minimize bias.

Taking this raw data, researchers and analysts break it down to the local the Southern Vancouver Island region and apply an intersectional lens to the findings whenever possible.

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Beyond the dashboard


The Happiness and Wellbeing Community Lab hosts events throughout the year to discuss evidence found in the data, to amplify the voices of people central to the topic at hand, and to find common ground amongst those interested in the topic.

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Ultimately, the work of the lab is to support organizations and governments in finding equitable and often innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in our region.

Using evidence-based and community-led conversations to guide planning, we believe that all residents of Southern Vancouver Island can have lives marked with happiness and wellbeing.