Terms & Conditions

The Happiness & Wellbeing Community Lab (HWCL) is a community indicator system dedicated to presenting evidence related to the happiness and wellbeing of communities in Southern Vancouver Island. While we do our best to ensure all data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, sometimes our external sources release corrections or updates that we are not aware of. We post all of our sources so that you can verify the information you find in our dashboard, data stories, and publications.

HWCL is also here to inspire action and discussion in the community. We strive to make information accessible and easy to understand, we commit to applying an intersectional lens whenever the data is available, and we promise events and publications that actively include community.

We all have different opinions about what is best for our beautiful region, and we hope you use our data to share your informed viewpoint. However, we do not necessarily share or endorse the opinions of those using our data or referencing us in their reports.